I no longer make Ornaments, nor bring them to shows. I do have some stock in storage at home, however. Contact me if you're interested.

Cats, Dogs, Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Moose, ......$10.00

You can probably blame my high school science teacher for the fact that I'm an incorrigible punster. He took every opportunity to incorridge us.

He's the guy who wore two pair of heavy wool socks to class one day, then quipped, "Mitosis cold." He told us about the mycology student who took a lichen to her teacher. (Because he was such a fun-gi.) By the time we'd finished sophomore biology, we were all inveterate pun artists. Or do I mean invertebrate? (Insert your own "sophomoric humor" comment here.)

But he'd no doubt smile at the gift cards on my Christmas ornaments. We'd decided to take the animal handles off of our mugs and string them as ornaments, but they looked a little bare on the display. The gift cards, printed on the computer and hand-stamped from my rubber stamp collection, all featured holiday related puns.

Some were obvious--"Meowy Christmas" on the Cat ornaments, for instance. Some were mundane-- we used "Puppy Holidays" for far too long before a friend suggested "Happy Howlidays." (For that matter, I'm currently leaning toward "Bark! The Herald Angels Sing" if it'll fit on the card. But I digress)--and some were to be swelled with pride. Groan if you like, but I think a Sheep ornament with "Fleece Navidad" on the card is pretty special.

And one was just plain difficult. I tried two or three different messages, over the course equally many years, before I realized that the piglet ornaments weren't for Christmas at all. They were for "Auld Lang Swyne."

Animal Ornaments come pre-strung on coated beading wire, each with its own gift card.