In Stock Right Now

A nice, sedate Saturday Market, followed by a restock of pots on consignment at Tsunami Books, means small but significant changes to the In Stock list. Mostly because pie plates are going to the bookstore. Apparently, it's pie season out there! (Says the man who picked a quart-and-a-half of blackberries in his backyard last week.)

As usual, I don't have quantities listed; figuring out how to include that information was beyond my self-taught coding skills. In general, I'll have multiples of tableware like mugs and bowls, but am less likely with things like bakers or serving dishes.

Here's the current list, as of August 16, 2022.


Soup bowls: bear, bunny, butterfly, cardinal, cat, chickadee, cow, dragonfly, duck, elephant, flamingo, fox, frog, goat, hen, heron, horses, hummingbird, raccoon, rhino, robin, rooster, salmon, sheep, squirrel
Toddler bowls: bunnies, cat, elephant, fawn, hen, horse, lamb, robin
Dinner salad bowls: bunnies, crab, elephant, fox, horse, hummingbird, octopus
Stew mugs: bear, bison, bunnies, cardinal, cat, chickadee, crab, deer, dragonfly, duck, elephant, fox, goat, hen, horses, hummingbird, moose, octopus, orca, robin
Painted mugs: bear, bunny, butterfly, cardinal, cat, chickadee, dragonfly, duck, elephant, flamingo, fox, goat, hen, heron, horses, hummingbird, moose, robin, rooster, salmon, sheep, squirrel
Tall Mugs: bear, bunny, butterfly, cheetah, chickadee, cow, crane, dragonfly, eagle, elephant, fawn, fox, great horned owl, hen, hippo, horse, hummingbird, kangaroo, kingfisher, koala, octopus, otter, owl, panda, pelican, penguins, platypus, possum, puffin, raven, rooster, saw-whet owl, sea turtle, skunk, sloth, snowy owl, sparrow, squirrel, tiger, turtle, walrus, wolf, wombat
Tumblers: barn owl, bunny, chickadee, crane, dragonfly, elephant, fox, hen, horse, koala, octopus, otter, owl, puffin, raven, rooster, squirrel, wolf
Pilsner glasses: cat, chickadee, crab, dragonfly, elephant, fox, frog, hen, horses, hummingbird, koala, octopus, otter, puffin, raven, rooster, squirrel, wolf
Dinner plates: bear, beaver, bunnies, crab, doe and fawn, dolphin, dragonfly, duck, elephant, fox, frog, heron, horses, hummingbird, koala, octopus, otter, polar bears, possum, rhino, rooster, salmon, seagull, wolf
Dessert plates: bear, bunnies, chickadee, columbine, dolphins, dragonfly, elephant, flamingo, fox, frog, goat, hippo, hen, heron, horses, hummingbird, killdeer, koala, octopus, orca, oriole, otter, owl, panda, peacock, preying mantis, raccoon, red panda, rhino, salmon, samoyed, saw-whet owl, wolf, wombat
Dinner (individual) pasta bowls: bunnies, chickadee, crab, dragonfly, elephant, fawn, fox, hummingbird, octopus, squirrel, wombat

Cooking and Baking

Covered casseroles
Large: bunnies, horses, owl
Medium: bear cub, bunnies, doe & fawn, elephant, horses, hummingbird
Small: bunnies, hummingbird, owl
Squared baking dishes
Large: koala, otter
Small: bunnies, rhino, squirrel
Small oval bakers: fawn, fox, hummingbird, octopus, otter, squirrel
Pie plates: bunnies, crab, elephant, fox, octopus, possum, robin, sanderlings, squirrel, wren
Batter bowls
Large: bears, bunnies, elephant, fox, koala, octopus, panda
Small: hummingbird, horses, kingfisher, otter, possum
Mixing crocks: elephant, fox, hummingbird, octopus, otter, rooster
Large: horse, hummingbird
Small: dragonfly, hummingbird


Serving bowls
Extra-large: bunnies, beaver
Large: bunnies, elephant, horses, hummingbird, snowy owl
Medium: bear cub, crane, elephant, horses, hummingbird, koala, owl, raven
Small: bunnies, dragonfly, fox, horses, hummingbird, raven
Round: bunnies, elephant, octopus, rooster, zebra
Oval: octopus, tiger
Pasta bowls: octopus
Covered Pitchers: bunnies, fox, octopus, otter, rooster
Large: elephant, peacock, puffin, snowy owl
Creamers: bear, bear cub, bison, bunny, elephant, flamingo, fox, hen, honeybee, horses, hummingbird, lamb, octopus, otter, snowy owl, wolf
Teapots: (4-cup) bunnies, elephant, octopus, rooster; (6-cup) western tanager
Gravy tureens: bunnies, chickadee, elephant, fox, hummingbird, octopus, rooster

Cookie jars
Large: lion, panda, tiger
Medium: bear, bunnies, elephant, peacock, octopus
Small: bunnies, fox, goldfinch, great horned owl, koala, squirrel
Honey jars: bear, honeybee
French butter dishes: bunnies, butterfly, cats, chickadee, cow, dragonfly, elephant, fox, hen, octopus, raccoon, rooster
Stick butter dishes: cows
Sugar bowls: bear, bunnies, cardinal, chickadee, dragonfly, horses, octopus, rooster
Small covered crocks: bunnies, crane, doe & fawn, egret, hummingbird
Canisters: bunnies, elephant, octopus, rooster, snowy owl
Tool crocks: bunnies, cardinal, elephant, horses, octopus, rooster, swallow

Banks: brontosaur, cat, chicken, elephant, frog, pig, rhino, stegosaur, t. rex
Incense dragons
Cat food dishes: cats, of course
Yarn bowls: also cats