In Stock Right Now

First weekend of Holiday Market has been survived. Now I'm glazing like mad for my last firing of 2022.

Please be aware that this list changes rapidly this time of year. Don't be surprised if you request a particular item only to find someone's beaten you to it.

As usual, I don't have quantities listed; figuring out how to include that information was beyond my self-taught coding skills. In general, I'll have multiples of tableware like mugs and bowls, but am less likely with things like bakers or serving dishes.

Here's the current list, as of November 29, 2022.


Soup bowls: bear, bunny, butterfly, cardinal, cat, chickadee, cow, dragonfly, duck, elephant, flamingo, fox, frog, goat, hen, heron, horses, hummingbird, raccoon, rhino, robin, rooster, salmon, sheep, squirrel
Toddler bowls: bunnies, cat, elephant, fawn, hen, horse, lamb, robin
Dinner salad bowls: beaver, bunnies, cardinal, elephant, fox, horses, hummingbird, octopus, raven
Stew mugs: bear, bison, bunnies, cardinal, cat, chickadee, cow, crab, deer, dragonfly, duck, elephant, fox, goat, hen, horses, hummingbird, moose, octopus, orca, robin, rooster
Painted mugs: bear, bunny, butterfly, cardinal, cat, chickadee, dragonfly, duck, elephant, flamingo, fox, goat, hen, heron, horses, hummingbird, moose, robin, rooster, salmon, sheep, squirrel, woodpecker
Tall Mugs: bunny, butterfly, camel, cheetah, chickadee, cow, crane, dolphin, dragonfly, elephant, fawn, fox, great horned owl, hen, hippo, honeybee, horse, hummingbird, javelina, kangaroo, kingfisher, koala, octopus, orca, otter, owl, panda, peacock, pelican, penguins, platypus, possum, puffin, raven, rhino, rooster, saw-whet owl, shark, skunk, sloth, snowy owl, sparrow, squirrel, tiger, walrus, wolf, wombat, woodpecker
Tumblers: barn owl, bunny, cat, chickadee, crab, dragonfly, elephant, fox, giraffe, hen, horse, hummingbird, koala, puffin, raven, rooster, squirrel, wolf
Pilsner glasses: bunny, chickadee, crab, dragonfly, elephant, fox, frog, hen, horses, hummingbird, koala, octopus, otter, puffin, raven, rooster, squirrel, wolf
Dinner plates: bear, bear cub, beaver, bunnies, cat, chickadee, cow, doe and fawn, dragonfly, duck, elephant, fox, frog, heron, hummingbird, koala, lion, octopus, otter, possum, raven, rooster, salmon, seagull, shark, snowy owl
Dessert plates: bee, bunnies, cat, cheetah, chickadee, columbine, dolphins, dragonfly, elephant, frog, giraffe, goat, hippo, hen, heron, horses, hummingbird, killdeer, koala, lion, lion cubs, octopus, orca, oriole, owl, peacock, platypus, possum, raccoon, raven, red panda, rhino, salmon, samoyed, saw-whet owl, sea turtle, skunk, sloth, squirrel, wolf, wombat
Dinner (individual) pasta bowls: bunnies, chickadee, dragonfly, elephant, fawn, fox, hummingbird, octopus, raven

Cooking and Baking

Covered casseroles
Large: bunnies
Medium: bear cub, elephant, horses, hummingbird, kingfisher, sleeping fox
Small: chickadee, elephant, fox, hummingbird
Squared baking dishes
Large: fox, elephant, lions, otter, owl
Small: bunnies, fox, heron, hummingbird, mountain goat, peacock, river otter, squirrel, wolf
Small oval bakers: hummingbird, octopus, otter, redwing blackbird, squirrel
Pie plates: bear, crab, killdeer, koala, octopus, raven, sanderlings
Batter bowls
Large: fox, octopus
Small: bunnies, dragonfly, elephant, hen, horses, squirrel
Mixing crocks: elephant, hummingbird, octopus, rooster
Large: dragonfly, elephant, fox
Small: bunnies, chickadee, elephant, fox, hen


Serving bowls
Extra-large: bear butts, panda, peacock
Large: bunnies, elephant, moose
Medium: crab, crane, elephant, horses, koala, owl, raven
Small: bear cub, bunnies, dragonfly, fox, hummingbird, kingfisher, octopus, raven
Round: bunnies, peacock, zebra
Oval: rooster
Pasta bowls: bunnies, elephant, fox, hummingbird, octopus, raven, rhino
Covered Pitchers: bunnies, fox, octopus, rooster
Large: bunnies, elephant, owl, puffin, rooster
Medium: bear cub, bunnies, fox
Creamers: bear, bear cub, bison, bunny, elephant, flamingo, fox, honeybee, horses, hummingbird, lamb, octopus, otter, snowy owl, wolf
Teapots: (4-cup) elephant, koala; (6-cup) hummingbird
Gravy tureens: bunnies, chickadee, octopus, rooster

Cookie jars
Large: tiger
Medium: bunnies, elephant, peacock, octopus
Small: fox, squirrel
Honey jars: bear, honeybee
French butter dishes: bunnies, elephant, hen, octopus, rooster
Stick butter dishes: cows
Sugar bowls: bear, bunnies, cardinal, chickadee, dragonfly, horses, octopus, rooster
Small covered crocks: bear, crane, egret, heron, hummingbird
Canisters: bunnies, elephant, octopus, rooster
Tool crocks: bunnies, cardinal, elephant, horses, octopus, rooster

Banks: brontosaur, cat, chicken, elephant, frog, pig, rhino, stegosaur, t. rex
Incense dragons
Cat food dishes: cats, of course
Yarn bowls: also cats