Slightly Nuts...

We may not be hibernating, but the squirrels are. The cats are all gaining weight, sprawled indolent on the bed in late winter sunshine, with nothing to chase from window to window around the house.

Not so the rest of the year. With red oaks in front of us and black walnuts behind, the yard is alive with the critters. (And the busy street sometimes, uhm, not alive with them. Did I mention I make my own paint brushes?) Graceful, cheeky, fun to watch, they make the perfect entertainment system for house-bound felines and cabin-feverish potters alike, and as long as I can keep them out of the attic, I'm happy to have them to paint on soup bowls, coffee mugs and dessert plates.

Even if I do have to keep uprooting oak and walnut saplings from the lawn.