All right, I'm slow sometimes.

I knew sloths were cute. I'd watched the video on YouTube of baby sloths getting their bath time (and being hung out to dry on the porch railing). I'd seen actress Kristen Bell's famous Sloth Meltdown clip from The Ellen Show. And lots of adorable photos on Imgur and Bored Panda.

And it never occurred to me to paint them on pots.

It took a customer to alert me to the possibilities, a fellow from Southern Oregon who contacted me before Clayfolk 2016. His stepdaughter loved sloths; could I paint them on a tall mug and tumbler for her? I certainly could. He was happy with the results, which I expect earned him Best Stepdad Ever, at least for Christmas 2016.

Come 2017, I thought I'd make a few more sloth pots, maybe sell him a dessert plate or something. I never got the chance; dessert plates and pie plate flew off the shelves. I never knew a sloth could move that fast. I made more for Holiday Market, most of which also left. So I'll continue making sloth pots in the new year, dessert plates and pies for now, but they may migrate onto other forms eventually.