Moon, June, Spoon... Loon?

We begin with the euphoniously named Loon. After all, what creature better epitomizes the golden summer evenings in the wild, forested expanses of my former home in the great white north?

Well, maybe. Though I've occasionally seen or heard loons while camping in Northern Minnesota, I don't think I've ever seen them in my part of Wisconsin. In fact, the closest I've ever been to this "shy and elusive" bird was in urban St. Paul! My sister Maggie used to live just a few blocks from Lake Phalen, and a short walk to the park let us sit on the swing sets and watch the loons dive and play just outside the kids' swimming area. It's true...

I started painting loon pots at the suggestion of another former Minnesotan friend, but keep doing because the opportunities for bad puns are too good to pass up. If I'm feeling anti-social, I can Garbo "I vant to be a-loon;" if I'm just deciding where to paint them on of pot, I'm the Loon Arranger. And of course I deposit all proceeds from their sale in my Savings and Loon. (Insert maniacal laugh here.)

In any event, fellow loonies can find their favorite waterfowl painted on our coffee mugs, stew mugs, soup bowls and toddler bowls, with the occasional tile, dessert or pie plate thrown in for variety.