Fighting Ducks

I was never much of a football fan. Oh sure, I watched the Packers, growing up--it was practically mandatory in Wisconsin. But my college didn't even field a football team, and as for graduate school... well, let's just say the fighting Ducks were not a very prepossessing team mascot.

Particularly not the Ducks of the mid-1980's. They'd start out the fall with a few wins, people would start to whisper hopefully, "Rose Bowl?" and then the whole season would come apart. Back then, the only way to see Ducks in a Bowl on New Years Day would be to paint them there.

So I did. A green-headed mallard drake, distilled from many hours of sketching at the Millrace.

The Oregon Ducks have been more impressive in recent years, though I still don't watch the games much. I'm too busy painting ducks on soup bowls, stew mugs, coffee cups, dinner and dessert plates, pie dishes, casseroles, French butter dishes, and a whole flock of other items.

Go Ducks!