This pattern is no longer in stock. I've gone over to a more naturalistic drawing, like you'll see in the Rabbits section.

It's not easy doing long-distance courtship. I know; before we tied the knot, Denise was in Wisconsin, I out here in Oregon. In those pre-e-mail days, long letters and even longer phone calls were the order of the day. (I firmly believe that the telecommunications bubble of '91 burst even as the non-alcoholic champagne bubbles were popping at our wedding reception.)

One of our running giggles was snugglebunny sightings. We'd stolen the term from Bloom County--Opus talking about not having snugglebunnies since, well, ever--but made it into this strange natural history joke, complete with bogus Latin name, reported sightings, even a bunny-watchers organization. (Not, sadly, the Audo-bun Society. But it Auda-been.) Just one of those things to distract ourselves from the two time zones of distance between the ends of the phone line.

So bunnies still give me warm, cuddly thoughts. Having spent long hours visiting and sketching them at the Lane County Fair, I've come up with a nice little dwarf Netherlands pattern, snuggled down in the grass on coffee mugs, soup bowls, dessert plates, pitchers and pie dishes. They come in two colors, cobalt blue and rutile gold. (For boys and girls, calls Denise, comfortably nearby across the room.)