The Edge of Night

A couple of years back, my friend Lyda blogged about attending the Little Mekong Night Market in St. Paul. It sounded like great fun: music, food, crafts and street life, held after the hottest part of the day had passed.

This summer, Saturday Market is trying it in Eugene.

They're calling it a Twilight Market; hours 6 pm to 9 pm following the 4 pm close of the regular Saturday Market. There will be four, one per month June through September. Daytime vendors can pack up and leave at four, or for a nominal fee, they can keep their booth up for the evening. Other folks come in at five to set up in pre-assigned spaces. There'll be food, of course. Also, the first live music we've had since Holiday Market of 2019.

Because we're still on alternating booth schedules, there will be two odd-booth nights, two even. As it happens, June 19 is an odd-booth Saturday. It also coincides with the Olympic Trials at Hayward Field, so we're hoping for some spill-over from that.

I was ambivalent about participating, mostly concerned about packing up after sunset, but I've got a deep cycle battery and inverter, so I think I might just get another LED shop light, and illuminate my booth. I'll definitely treat myself to a hot supper, and see how things shake out.

And Suddenly, Summer

My summer show schedule has abruptly defined itself; I got all my road show jury results within a day or two.

I knew I'd been accepted to the UVA Summer Arts Festival, got that result weeks ago. I now know my booth assignment, number 26, in my usual neighborhood on Harvard Avenue. The show is the last weekend of June, Friday the 25th through Sunday the 27th.

Club Mud had such a successful May Day Sale (over $7000 total!) that we're planning a sequel. We're tentatively looking at Saturday, July 10, from 10 am through 4 pm in the Maude Kerns Art Center Parking Lot.

My two August applications were hit or miss. Silverton Arts Festival said yes, so I'll be in Coolidge-McLaine park August 21-22. Edmonds Arts Festival, postponed from June, has placed me on their waiting list. They may still offer me a booth, but I might just pass and stay closer to home.

Lastly, I've been accepted by the Corvallis Fall Festival, September 25-26 in Central Park. I sometimes worry about doing a road show so close to Clay Fest, but as they're still virtual for 2021, I'll just have to do a firing in September to have plenty of pots.

Pattern of the Month:


I take way too many special orders. Someone will say, Could you paint me a... and I'll say, (cue my most Wisconsin accent) Oh, that sounds fun. It's why I have nearly a hundred entries in the Patterns section, and keep adding more.

Because I can't just make one. If something turns out well, I want to make more. Look at the bunnies. Special order. Octopus. Crab. Bison. Yup, all somebody's requests.

Late last year, I got an order for a Northern Saw-whet owl. It's a little bitty bird with huge eyes, the definition of adorable. I made a mug for the customer, another just to be sure I got a good one. Which never even left the studio, one of the other Club Mud potters bought it.

So I made a few more. I figured, it was an obscure choice, but cute.

And then, last December, a saw-whet owl managed to ride from deepest New England all the way to New York City in the branches of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. It made the news, inspired folk songs, even a story by fantasy writer Diane Duane. Suddenly, everybody knew what that cute little critter was.

So I guess I'll be painting them for a good while yet, on dessert plates, tall mugs, maybe dinner and pie plates.

It's such a cute little feller.

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