Video Killed the Radio Star

Well, not really killed, per se. Nor has twenty-some years on KLCC made me much of a star. But unless or until I draw the attention of Oregon ArtBeat, this is as video as I'll get:

Shortly after Thanksgiving, 2013, I was contacted by Jaira Chaffee, a University of Oregon journalism student who was working on a video production class project. Would I be interested in being interviewed on camera? I said yes, and we met at Club Mud, where I was glazing pottery for my Christmas firing. She filmed about an hour or so, edited it into this very professional minute-and-a-half video.

Pretty good, huh? I do have to admit, though, that the bisque pots aren't mine. Jaira was filming B-roll footage around the studio, and so Jon King's pots got a walk-on part.