In Stock Right Now

We have just completed our end-of-year physical inventory, so for once, I can honestly say this list is completely accurate. At least for now.

I'm currently making work for a late January firing. I've already got a couple of pages of special orders to fill, on top of restocking what sold at Holiday Market (so many tall mugs and pie plates). It might be possible to get orders in this firing yet, but I reserve the right to bump them to the next one, tentatively scheduled for March.

As you can see, I have a lot of different forms and patterns. This is my best attempt at tracking what's in stock on-line in real time. I don't have quantities listed; figuring out how to include that information was beyond my self-taught coding skills. In general, I'll have multiples of tableware like mugs and bowls, but am less likely with things like bakers or serving dishes. When in doubt, contact me and see.

This list is current as of January 12, 2021.


Soup bowls: bear, bunny, butterfly, cactus wren, cardinal, cat, chickadee, cow, dragonfly, duck, elephant, flamingo, fox, frog, goat, hen, heron, horses, hummingbird, raccoon, roadrunner, robin, rooster, salmon, sheep, squirrel
Toddler bowls: bunnies, cat, dragonfly, elephant, fawn, hen, horse, lamb, robin
Dinner salad bowls: bunnies, dragonfly, hummingbird, otter
Stew mugs: bear, bison, bunnies, cardinal, cat, chickadee, cow, crab, deer, dragonfly, duck, elephant, fox, goat, hen, horses, hummingbird, moose, octopus, orca, robin, rooster
Painted mugs: bear, bunny, butterfly, cardinal, cat, chickadee, dragonfly, duck, elephant, flamingo, fox, goat, heron, horses, hummingbird, moose, robin, rooster, salmon, sheep, squirrel, woodpecker
Tall Mugs: bear, beaver, bunny, crab, dragonfly, fawn, geese, giraffe, javelina, kingfisher, koala, octopus, owl, platypus, puffin, raven, river otter, rooster, seagull, turkey, walrus
Tumblers: barn owl, bunny, butterfly, cat, chickadee, crane, dragonfly, elephant, fox, frog, giraffe, hen, horse, hummingbird, koala, octopus, otter, owl, puffin, raven, rooster, snowy owl, squirrel, wolf
Pilsner glasses: bunny, butterfly, cat, chickadee, crab, dragonfly, elephant, fox, frog, hen, horses, hummingbird, octopus, otter, puffin, rooster, snowy owl, squirrel, wolf
Dinner plates: bison, bunnies, cardinal, doe and fawn, deer, dragonfly, duck, elephant, fox, frog, grizzly, hen, heron, horses, hummingbird, kingfisher, loon, octopus, otter, peacock, polar bear, raven, rooster, sea turtle, swallow
Dessert plates: bison, bunnies, butterfly, cardinal, chickadee, columbine, crane, crow, dolphins, dragonfly, eagle, elephant, fox, frog, goat, hippo, horses, hummingbird, kangaroo, killdeer, kingfisher, koala, lamb, octopus, orca, panda, platypus, red panda, rhino, salmon, samoyed, sea turtle, shark, sloth, squirrel, swallow, tiger, turkey, western tanager, whale, woodpecker, wren, zebra

Cooking and Baking

Covered casseroles
Large: elephant, kingfisher, octopus, panda, snowy owl
Medium: bunnies, redwing blackbird
Small: dragonfly, elephant, frog, hummingbird, sparrow, swallow
Squared baking dishes
Large: bunnies, fox, horses, lion, octopus, platypus, raven
Small: frog, heron, horses, otter, puffin
Small oval bakers: doe and fawn, dragonfly, fox, puffin, raven, squirrel
Pie plates: bear, beaver, bunnies, cat, crab, dragonfly, lion, raven
Batter bowls
Large: bunnies, fox, heron, horses, kingfisher, stellar's jay
Small: bunnies, chipmunk, elephant, hummingbird, octopus, squirrel
Mixing crocks: bunnies, elephant, hen, hummingbird, octopus, otter, rooster
Large: bunny, dragonfly, fox, hummingbird, robin
Small: bunny, dragonfly, horse


Serving bowls
Extra-large: bunnies, beaver, elephant with baby, panda, rhino, rooster, tiger
Large: great horned owl, grizzly, mama bunny, quail, rooster, squirrel
Medium: hen, geese, horses, raven
Small: cardinal, fox, horses, hummingbird
Round: bunnies, elephant, rooster, zebras
Oval: octopus, rooster, tiger
Pasta bowls: bunnies, crab, elephant, fox, octopus, raven, rhino
Covered Pitchers: bear, bunnies, great horned owl, rooster
Large: elephant, horses, mama bunny, octopus, puffin, rooster, snowy owl
Medium: bear, bunnies, chickadee, peacock, possum, salmon, tree frog
Creamers: bear, bunny, chick, chickadee, dragonfly, elephant, fox, hen, honeybee, horses, hummingbird, kingfisher, lamb, octopus, raven, western tanager, wolf
Teapots: (4-cup) bunnies; (6-cup) western tanager
Gravy tureens: bunnies, elephant, horses

Cookie jars
Large: elephant, great horned owl, lion, panda
Medium: crow/raven, octopus, panda, tiger, snowy owl
Small: bunnies, fox, giraffe, goldfinch, koala, owl
Honey jars: bear, honeybee
French butter dishes: bear, bunnies, butterfly, cats, cow, elephant, fox, hen, honeybee & rose, octopus, owl, rooster
Stick butter dishes: out of stock
Sugar bowls: bear, bunnies, cardinal, chickadee, dragonfly, hen, horses, octopus, rooster, snowy owl
Small covered crocks: bunnies, crane, doe & fawn, dragonfly, egret, flamingo, fox, grizzlies, horses, hummingbird, owl, peacock, snowy owl
Canisters: crane
Tool crocks: bunnies, cardinal, elephant, frog, octopus, rooster, swallow

Banks: brontosaur, cat, chicken, elephant, frog, pig, rhino, stegosaur, t. rex
Incense dragons
Cat food dishes: cats, of course
Yarn bowls: also cats